Verde’s Almuerzo (Lunch) Menu

Bring your best Spanish to Verde Kitchen and Cocktails and enjoy almuerzo with us! Let’s switch to English and call it lunch with a Mexican flair. We have a great menu and a very nice special as well.

Our almuerzo menu is highlighted by a selection of tortas or Mexican sandwiches. All are served with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, our delicious Negra Modelo mustard aioli, and chipotle puree on a very fresh talera roll. You also get a side salad and plantanos fritos (we will let you look that one up). Our selection of tortas includes:

-Pollo Asado with chile marinated chicken
-Carnitas with roasted pork belly and shoulder
-Camarones with citrus/chile marinated seared shrimp
-Pescado using local fish with a Modelo Especial batter
-Torta Del Dia specialty of the day — ask your server for details
-Cemita de Carnitas with roasted pork, chipotle puree, avocado, crema, and epazote
-Mexican hamburger with roasted chiles, pineapple, Oaxaca cheese, and Negra Modelo aioli

But wait, there’s more! Or rather, there’s mas! Our Mas are a variety of sides you can enjoy with your torta. They include:

-Mexican street corn with cotija cheese, chile, lime, and Negra Modelo aioli
-Arroz using toasted rice, garlic, onion, and olive oil
-Frijoles Negros means black beans with avocado, onion, cotija cheese, and Mexican oregano
-Arroz Con Frijoles is toasted garlic rice with black beans, avocado, onion, and cotija cheese
-Aguacate with raw avocado, salt, and lime
-Plantanos Fritos are fried plantains with chile and lime (did you look it up earlier?)
-Chicharron using our house-made crispy pork rinds, lime, cilantro, salt, and Valentina’s hot sauce

We also offer a lunch special Monday through Friday for $13. It includes four tacos with salad, soup, or any side. Want something a bit different? Choose seafood options for an additional $1, or $2 for barbacoa.

Don’t forget Verde Kitchen and Cocktails when you need a happy hour. Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 7:00 PM we offer $5 margaritas and mixed drinks, $2 off beer and wine, and our tacos and quesadillas are half-price! Whether you crave lunch with a Mexican flair, happy hour, or a great dinner, make Verde Kitchen and Cocktails your preferred destination. Salud!

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