Best Ways to Enjoy Mezcal 

Tequila and Mezcal are two renowned Mexican spirits. Although they may appear similar, distinct differences set them apart. Unfortunately, tequila enjoys widespread recognition for many taste palettes, while Mezcal, which represents a more traditional and diverse spirit, doesn’t get as much recognition. 

However, in recent years mezcal is gaining popularity due to its compatibility with Mexican cuisine. Mezcal cocktails offer distinctive flavors, whether you prefer sweet, savory, or sour. For the ultimate Mezcal experience, look no further than Verde Kitchen & Cocktails after reading our article. 

With our extensive selection of Mezcal varieties and knowledgeable bartenders, we can expertly guide you in choosing the perfect mixer to suit your preferences. Yet before you enjoy an unforgettable Mezecal experience with us, read on to learn more about how it and how it can be enjoyed. 

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What Exactly Is Mezcal, And Why Is It Popular?

One of the most renowned spirits in Mexican culture is Mezcal. Mezcal is known for its centuries-old heritage tracing back to the indigenous Mesoamerican communities. It is believed that the Zapotec and Mixtec people in the now-Oaxaca region crafted the first forms of this spirit. 

Although its origins remain somewhat enigmatic, its unique smoky flavor and complex aroma deriving from the agave plant and the process of traditional slow-roasting and underground pit cooking have made it a robust sensory experience worth exploring. 

The growing interest in diverse spirits and creative mixology has helped raise Mezcal’s profile and made it one of the most coveted spirits worldwide. With its rich cultural heritage, the sense of boldness and adventure that this drink evokes makes it an alluring, must-try drink for enthusiasts and casual imbibers alike.

The Top 6 Ways To Enjoy Mezcal

Mezcal, the spirit synonymous with Mexico, is one of the most intricate and versatile drinks you can ever taste, as you now know. Whether you’re new to Mezcal or are an enthusiast, there are a few ways to enjoy it like a pro. Here are the top six ways to savor and enjoy Mezcal:

  1. Sip it Straight

Mezcal has a robust, smoky character; sipping it straight is the best way to experience its flavors. You can also use a tulip-shaped glass called a Copita or Snifter to better appreciate its complexity.

  1. Pair It With Food 

Mezcal’s smoky notes and earthy undertones make it an excellent spirit to pair with Mexican cuisine – the most popular being grind sauces and grilled meats.

  1. Use It In Cocktails 

Though sipping Mezcal is the most authentic way to enjoy it, adding it to cocktails can create a delicious concoction. Try mixing it with lime, salt, and jalapeno to create a classic Margarita with a spicy twist, or order one of our Mezcal cocktails at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails.

  1. Experiment With Flavors

Mezcal is versatile and pairs well with various flavors. Try adding honey, pineapple, or any other preferred ingredient to create a unique flavor profile in food or drinks, hot or cold.

  1. A Distillery Tour 

To fully appreciate this distinct drink, go on a distillery tour and see how it’s produced. You’ll better appreciate the complex, traditional methods used to create it.

  1. Host a Tasting Party 

Sip Mezcal with friends and host a tasting party. Try several brands and varieties to better understand the flavor profiles and appreciate this delightful spirit and unique flavor.

Experience The Best Ways To Enjoy Mezcal At Verde Kitchen & Cocktails

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails is a haven for Mezcal lovers, providing the region’s most extensive selection of this traditional Mexican spirit. Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff are enthusiastic about assisting you in discovering and appreciating the intricate flavors of Mezcal, regardless of your level of understanding. 

Our professional chefs have thoughtfully designed our menu to complement and enhance Mezcal’s unique and authentic taste. Our guests can savor Mezcal in its pure form, mixed into a refreshing cocktail, or even as an ingredient in some of our dishes. We offer distillery tours to educate our guests on the traditional methods used to produce Mezcal, besides offering it on our menu. So why not join us at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails to experience one of a kind opportunity to indulge in Mezcal and discover the best ways to admire this traditional spirit?

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