Celebrate National Guac Day at Verde Kitchen 

Avocado is a much-loved food among people everywhere and so National Guacamole Day is widely celebrated on September 16th each year. Verde Kitchen & Cocktails is delighted to acknowledge this textured, full-bodied dip that stems from the infamous avocado on this date. A native of Mexico and South America, the avocado has been in existence … Read more

The Best Foods for Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

At Verde Kitchen, we take immense pride in our traditional and authentic Mexican cuisine. As we approach the holiday season, one very important holiday is approaching, Dia De Los Muertos, better known as the Day of the Dead. This is a very important celebration in Mexico where the dearly departed are remembered and celebrated. Like many holidays that take place in Latin America, the food that’s prepared and served on this day is an integral part of the celebration. Today, we look at foods that are served to honor the dead. 

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Celebrate Tacos & Vodka on October 4th at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails

Normally, vodka and tacos have very little in common with one another. As a matter of fact, it seems one of the only occasions that warrant an appearance from both is when tacos and bloody marys are served up on a Sunday Brunch. Aside from this scenario, both of these popular items share a common ground with one another. What is it? On October 4th, we recognize their greatness by observing National Vodka Day and National Taco Day. You might be asking yourself which one you plan on celebrating. However, at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails, the choice is irrelevant because we’re inviting you to celebrate both! 

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic heritage month is observed from September 15th to October 15th every year. It’s split between two months due to the significance of the date for many Latin American countries. It marks the Declaration of Independence of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, all declaring independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821. The societal and cultural contributions given to the world by several Hispanic countries are worth celebrating. Even if you’re not of Hispanic origin, there are several ways in which you can contribute and recognize Hispanic people and their continued contributions to the world we live in. 

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How to Properly Eat Tacos

At Verde Kitchen, we pride ourselves on our authentic Mexican cuisine and decadent cocktails. The tacos we serve are crafted with care and composed of the finest ingredients. And while you would certainly be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the occasional taco night, you might be surprised to learn that many people don’t eat their tacos the correct way. It’s true. But, not to worry. We’ve gathered some expert information on how to properly do so. This means the next time you come to Verde Kitchen; you won’t look like a fish (taco, that is) out of water. 

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¡Buen Provecho! and its Cultural Meaning

There are very few things more valuable than knowing proper restaurant etiquette. While some are more well known than others, such as not talking with your mouth full, keeping your elbows off the table, and being courteous and polite, others are less known to the average person. If you’ve ever visited Verde Kitchen, you’re noticed the pride that we take in our authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s more than just preparation and recipes for us. The culture and customs of Mexico are what we wish to offer our clientele who come and visit us. You’ve heard our staff use the phrase “Buen Provecho.” Many diners think it simply means “enjoy your meal.” This is only part of it. 

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How To Throw the Ultimate Mexican Fiesta

Whether you’re planning the ultimate bash for Cinco de Mayo or you just want to plan a party of epic proportions, there’s no better word than that of fiesta to take the celebrating up a few notches. If you’ve ever stopped in at Verde Kitchen for our authentic Mexican cuisine, then you know how much we take our celebrating seriously. We’ve gathered up a list of steps to throw your own fiesta for your party’s pleasure. 

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Pairing Mexican Food & Beer

If you’ve ever eaten at an upscale dining establishment, you may have browsed through their wine list. You’ll notice that certain wines are listed as pairing with certain foods better than others. Believe it or not, this is true for just about every type of food and beverage, especially Mexican food. If you’ve ever stopped in at Verde Kitchen, then you’re familiar with our top-notch Mexican cuisine and our finely crafted cocktails. And even if you haven’t, consider this a crash course in learning what beers go with what dishes. 

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