Celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day with Some Chips & Guac!

The great thing about where we all live is the fact that there’s always a new holiday popping up. Sure there are the national holidays that we all know about. But what’s really fun on the holidays that are right under that one is the national days that spring up on us and give us cause for celebration. Today we’re going to tell you about national tortilla chip day and how you can celebrate it with some chips and guac.

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Celebrate at home

One of the best ways that you can celebrate having some chips and guac. It’s simply having some at home. It’s a simple way to celebrate the holiday because all you need to do is buy a bag of chips from the store and either pick up some guac or make your own. The beauty about guacamole instead. It’s a really simple thing to make. You don’t have to break your back. Trying to find some. Not all holidays are like that.

Celebrate with friends and family

Another awesome way to celebrate today is by celebrating with some chips and guac, but with also your friends and family. Friends and family always make everything better. There’s a bit of unity there that you can’t duplicate in any other way. It may not be as big a holiday as something like Christmas or Thanksgiving, but it is a day that you can give yourself an excuse to see the people that you care about the most.

Throw a party around it

Another good way to celebrate the day is by throwing a little party around it. It falls in the seasons when you can’t really barbecue or do anything grand. And you do kind of need an excuse just to get together. So this is where you can throw a party around tortillas and guac. People will also thank you because you gave them an excuse to get together and see each other.

Go out to eat

Last but certainly not least, come on down to our restaurant so that you can experience tortilla and guac and a fun way, with an atmosphere like no other. We promise it’ll be an experience you remember. Plus it’ll fill your belly up.

If you come on into Verde Kitchen & Cocktails, we serve all that hot sauce and more! But also, we have Happy Hour MON-FRI 3 pm-7 pm with $2 Off Sangria  So come on in today. For any questions, give us a call at (631) 665-6300 Our location is 70 East Main St. Bay Shore, NY 11706.

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