Celebrate Tacos & Vodka on October 4th at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails

Normally, vodka and tacos have very little in common with one another. As a matter of fact, it seems one of the only occasions that warrant an appearance from both is when tacos and bloody marys are served up on a Sunday Brunch. Aside from this scenario, both of these popular items share a common ground with one another. What is it? On October 4th, we recognize their greatness by observing National Vodka Day and National Taco Day. You might be asking yourself which one you plan on celebrating. However, at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails, the choice is irrelevant because we’re inviting you to celebrate both! 

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Humble Beginnings 

Both tacos and vodka have interesting origins that come from very different locations. The exact origin of Vodka is somewhat murky, as both Poland and Russian lay claim to its creation. Records show the beverage first appeared in Russia in the 14th century, invented by monastery monks who resided in the Kremlin in Moscow. The earliest vodka recipes were made from fermented potatoes. 

As for the taco, its origins are also lost to history, but it’s believed that the term came from mining operations conducted by the Spanish when they colonized South and Central America. Gunpowder was placed between two pieces of paper and then detonated to extract ore from mines. It’s also believed that the concept of the food item came from the Spanish, although the earliest recipes appeared in Mexico. In the 1960s, the taco gained widespread popularity thanks to Taco Bell and the mass production of corn shells that can now be found in almost every grocery store. 

Popular Presentations 

Vodka and tacos both have a variety of ways in which they’re prepared and served to the public. In Mexico, tacos al pastor are the most popular, and in recent years the fish taco has gained notoriety thanks to restaurants such as Rubio’s. However, this preparation comes from Ensenada, Mexico. In the Southwestern United States, many residents enjoy breakfast tacos with eggs, meat, and cheese. 

Vodka is preferred on the rocks by many. But there are a variety of cocktails that call for vodka. These include bloody marys, screwdrivers, and many people have praised vodka and club soda for being light and refreshing. 

Celebrating at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails 

Whether you stop by on October 4th or any other day of the week, Verde Kitchen & Cocktails serves up the best authentic Mexican cuisine with finely-crafted cocktails. For a menu and more, visit us at verdekitchen.com.

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