Cocktails to Pair with your Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food is flavorful and satisfying. To make your Mexican meal even better, consider pairing your food with cocktails. These are the cocktails to pair with your Mexican cuisine:

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Whether you’re enjoying a taco, Oaxacan burger, or chips and guacamole, gin and tonic is a delicious pairing. A lot of Mexican cuisines is spicy, and gin and tonic can cool down these spicy flavors. Plus, the lime juice used in gin and tonic brightens the flavors of Mexican dishes.

Another tasty drink to pair with your Mexican cuisine is sangria. Sangria is a combination of red wine and brandy that enhances the savory flavors of meats used in Mexican food. Sangria is also light and refreshing, making it a good dessert beverage.

Seeking something a little sweeter to drink with your Mexican food? A rum swizzle is made with falernum and dark rum, creating a sweetness that is comparable to a daiquiri. Rum swizzle brightens the spicy and savory flavors of Mexican cuisine.

The el diablo cocktail is another great beverage to drink alongside your Mexican meal. This cocktail is tart, sweet, and spicy, perfectly complementing the flavors and textures of Mexican food.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with an Old Fashioned. This beverage is the perfect pairing for tacos or other Mexican cuisines because of its customization possibilities. If you want something sweeter, add sugar and bourbon to your Old Fashioned. If you want something spicier, rye whiskey is a great adjustment to make to your drink.

Pairing cocktails with your Mexican cuisine is easy when you dine with Verde. Visit us at 70 East Main Street in Bay Shore, New York to try our tasty Mexican food and our mouth-watering cocktails!

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