Elevate Your Palate with a Tequila Flight 

If you are an entertainer at heart, heading out for a night on the town or simply dining out with friends and family is no simple feat. In fact, as an entertainer, you will want only the best experiences for your guests or close family members, so why not elevate your guest’s palates and sate their thirst with a tequila flight from Verde Kitchen & Cocktails

If you want to learn what a tequila flight is, the different tequila flights offered by Verde Kitchen & Cocktails, and how booking a table with them allows you to experience the wonders of a tequila flight, read on.

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What Is A Tequila Flight? 

A tequila flight is a broadly used term describing the process of individually sampling mezcals or tequilas. They are popular as they allow customers to get a refresher on what their favorite tequila or mezcal tastes like or help tantalize taste buds when one is in the mood for variety.

They are also an excellent means to introduce and get people to sample different flavors of mezcal or tequila, thus helping them determine their favorite types and which brands they prefer. After trying a tequila flight, you and your friends will know exactly which tequila to order for future get-togethers. 

What Are The Different Tequila Flights You Can Get At Verde Kitchens & Cocktails To Elevate Your Palate

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails tequila flights use three ¾ ounce servings. They are offered with a slice of fresh lemon, cucumber, an orange wedge, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper and can be separated into three categories. 

To learn more about these three options and why they are worth trying when next you visit, have a look below:

Horizontal Fights

These allow the customer to taste different tequila brands of the same type. Verde Kitchens’s selection of horizontal fights includes: 

  • A Reposado flight includes any three Reposados tequilas but excludes Clase Azul and Patron Roca.
  • An Extra Anejo flight includes a mixture of three top tequilas – Dulce Vida Extra Anejo, Ocho Extra Añejo, and Espelon Extra Anejo. 
  • A Blanco flight includes a selection of any three of their Blanco tequilas, excluding Clase Azul and Patron Roca.
  • An Anejo flight includes a selection of any three of their Anejo tequilas, excluding Clase Azul and Patron Roca.

Spirits of Mexico Flights

These allow the customer to taste and explore Mexican spirits produced by various plants. Verde Kitchens’s Spirits of Mexico flights include a selection of their top four finest Mexican spirits, including:

  • Hacienda de Chihuahua Añejo Sotol.
  • Ilegal Reposado Mezcal.
  • Partida Blanco tequila.
  • La Venenosa Raicilla.

Vertical Flights

Like horizontal flights, vertical flights allow customers to choose three or four products to sample from the same brand. Verde Kitchens’s selection of Vertical flights includes:

  • Del Maguey Single Village flight: This includes a selection of Chichicapa, Santa Domingo small batch artisanal mezcals, and Vida.
  • A Patron flight: This includes Roca Reposado, Roca Anejo (all using premium hand-selected Mexican agave), and Roca Blanco.
  • A Clase Azul flight: This includes Reposado, Anejo (fine hand-crafted and artisanal sipping tequilas), and Blanco.
  • An Illegal flight: This includes Reposado, Anejo mezcals, and Joven.
  • An El Maestro flight: This includes Dobel Reposado, Dobel Diamante, Dobel Silver, and Dobel Anejo. 
  • An Oaxacan flight: This includes Madre-Cuishe, Wahaka Espadin, and Tobala.  

Book A Table At Verde Kitchen & Cocktails Today To Enjoy A Tequila Flight

These are only some of the tequila flights you can expect to see at our restaurant. If you want to experience the pleasures of an elevated palate with a tequila flight, book a table with Verde Kitchen & Cocktails

We will help you explore our range of Mezcal and tequila flights and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can visit us at 70 E Main Street, in Bay Shore, Long Island, or contact us at 631-665-6300 to book a table.  

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