Enjoy Food & Cocktails at Verde for Mexican Revolution Day

Mexican Revolution Day is a national public holiday that celebrates the historical end of a 10-year revolution in Mexico. This revolution began in 1910, with the goal to remove dictator Jose de la Crus Porfirio Díaz Mori from power. Every year, Mexican Revolution Day is celebrated on the third Monday in November. The official day is November 20.

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If you want to celebrate Mexican Revolution Day, there are several ways to do so. For one, you can attend outdoor events like bazaars, festivals, and parades. However, in New York, the third Monday of November is typically a little cold for outdoor celebrations.

If you want to stay inside during Mexican Revolution Day to beat the cold, celebrate this holiday at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails. You can enjoy food and cocktails at Verde for Mexican Revolution Day.

We have all-day, lunch, dinner, brunch, and dessert menus for you to enjoy. From our all-day menu, you can order guacamole, ensaladas, or antojitos. You can also order from our tacos and ceviche menu. You receive two or three tacos per order, and each taco is served with radish and lime. We have a variety of tacos for you to enjoy, including carnitas, pescado, barbacoa, pulpo, and camarones.

From our lunch menu, consider tortas, or Mexican sandwiches. We serve a pollo asado torta, a carnitas torta, a camarones torta, a pescado torta, a torta del dia, a cemita de carnitas, and an oaxacan market carne asada.

This Mexican Revolution Day, come to Verde for dinner! Our La Cena menu features tasty entrees like puerco asado, pescado, and pollo mole negro. You can also order a drink with your meal, such as our mezcal negroni cocktail, our verde margarita, or our sangria.

Head to Verde this Mexican Revolution Day! We are located at 70 East Main Street in Bay Shore, New York.

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