Enjoy Our Tortas for National Sandwich Month!

August is National Sandwich Month, which means it’s time to dine on some tasty tortas at Verde Kitchen and Cocktails. Tortas are Mexican sandwiches filled with delicious ingredients, which are must-tries this month. Learn more about National Sandwich Month and our tortas by reading on!

Bay Shore Mexican Food Pork Torta

There is a sandwich out there for every taste, diet, and preference. People have been stacking ingredients between two pieces of bread for centuries, but it is believed the first sandwich was fed to John Montague by Earl of Sandwich in the 1700s. Legend has it John Montague was spending an evening gambling when he asked for food that would not interrupt his gameplay. Earl of Sandwich brought him beef slices and cheese stacked between two pieces of bread, and the rest is history.

Sandwiches are convenient, healthy, versatile, and delicious. Individuals can have breakfast sandwiches in the morning, a light sandwich for lunch, or a hearty sandwich for dinnertime. Sandwiches are also great snacks to keep you satisfied during the day.

Tortas, or Mexican sandwiches, are a version of the traditional dish, which we put our own spin on here at Verde Kitchen and Cocktails. We serve all of our tortas with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, Negra Modelo mustard ailoi, and a chipotle puree on a fresh talera roll. We also serve our tortas with a side salad and platanos fritos.

If you’re considering stopping by Verde Kitchen and Cocktails this month to try a torta, give our pollo asado torta a try. This menu item is made of chile marinated chicken and Mexican oregano. If you’re more interested in a pork sandwich, the carnitas torta is made with roasted pork belly and pork shoulder, with coriander and cumin. Our camarones torta is made from citrus and chile with marinated seared shrimp, and we even have a pescado torta with Modelo Especial battered local fish. Try any of these tortas and several others at our restaurant this August for National Sandwich Month! You can find our restaurant at 70 East Main Street in Bay Shore.

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