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Here’s a question that’s relatively easy to answer—what comes in between breakfast and lunch, sometimes features a Bloody Mary or two, and has become a favorite of millennials? You guessed it, brunch! This Sunday tradition has long been a favorite of many and making it a part of your normal routine might be one of the best (and most delicious) choices you make in the new year. At Verde Kitchen & Cocktails, we believe that brunch can be one of the best ways to conclude the weekend. 

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An Appetizing Change in Your Routine

Aside from being quite tasty, Sunday brunch can be rewarding and wildly enjoyable. While there’s never a bad reason to enjoy some food and drinks among those closest to you, we’ve made a list of why this activity is always a good idea. 

Catching Up with Your Closest Friends 

Think about this—when was the last time you got together with your friends and had a chance to catch up on recent events and all the coming and goings of their busy lives. Brunch is a great way to do this, without the distractions of social media and obnoxious background noise. Brunch affords you the luxury of doing this, all the while enjoying some tasty food and delicious beverages. 

Hair of the Dog

Let’s face it—we all love letting go over the course of the weekend. (Some of us more than others.) Two of the most popular libations to partake in during brunch are the Bloody Mary and Mimosa. Both are great ways to ease back into your routine before you start your week again on Monday morning. 

Pre-Brunch Workouts

While we’re not saying you have to run a marathon or do some 500 lb. squats, a light and brisk workout before congregating for brunch can be a very invigorating way to start your Sunday. Rather than drive or take advantage of a rideshare to get to brunch, walk the short distance. You’ll feel elevated afterward and in the perfect mood for some food and libations among your closest friends and table guests. 

Stress Relief 

There are a lot of events and responsibilities that we undertake during the normal week. Partaking in Sunday brunch is a great way to treat yourself after a busy workweek. You work hard for the money, so treat yourself right. 

Sunday Brunch at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails

If you’ve decided to make brunch a new part of your routine, then let Verde Kitchen be your new gathering point. Our food and drinks are of the highest quality and impossible to turn down. For a complete menu, directions, and more tasty articles like the one you’ve just read, visit our page at https://www.verdekitchen.com/.

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