Enjoy the World of Tequila This Summer 

Looking for an appealing spirit to savor in the warmer months that are right around the corner? Verde Kitchen & Cocktails suggests that you go ahead and treat yourself to a refreshing glass of tequila this summer.

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Authentic tequila originates from Central Mexico. The process by which tequila is produced is by fermenting the sugary sap from the agave plant and then distilling it. Premium tequila can be served absent of anything else or on slow-melting ice. This superb adult beverage deserves to be sipped slowly to be fully experienced. 

Either unaged or slightly aged tequila goes very well with fish, chicken, and white meats. Its lighter style boasts the attributes of herbs and contains a vague sweetness that is conducive for enjoying in the summertime. Tequila is wonderful when blended in a cocktail like a traditional margarita or tequila sour as long as all the ingredients that get combined are high-quality to create an exceptional tequila cocktail. It is important to read the label to verify that it is made from pure agave and by a trusted distillery.

People often wonder if mezcal is a variety of tequila. Actually, mezcal is the matriarch of the agave spirit family and tequila is a specific kind of mezcal. Mezcal can be made with a number of the roughly 50 different varieties of agave found in Mexico, but tequila, on the other hand, is solely made from blue agave. There are stern regulations regarding the territories where only tequila or mezcal can be produced.

Tequila has flexibility as it incorporates the traits of the area and soil where the agave is grown. Therefore, the flavor of the tequila can differ immensely based on region. Its taste can span from smoky, earthy, and musty to slightly sweet and chocolatey or botanic and grassy. 

Whether you choose to drink tequila straight-up or on the rocks, you can equally cherish the essence provided by the distinctions from the region where it was produced. Take a pass on bottles with the worm as it is utilized for advertising purposes and most likely not top-of-the-line tequila. 

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails invites you to visit us and see for yourself our incredible tequila bar! Besides carrying a huge variety of spirits, our friendly staff also serves delectable Mexican cuisine in an eye-catching atmosphere and at reasonable costs. We are located at 70 East Main Street in Bay Shore, NY, and may be reached by calling (631) 665-6300 with any questions that you may have. Thank you for your interest in Verde Kitchen & Cocktails.

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