Grab a Sangria in Bay Shore for National Sangria Day

Let’s face it, there are a lot of holidays that fly under the radar. Sure, it’s easy to keep track of the popular ones like Christmas, Easter, and even Halloween. But when it comes to national days, we don’t tend to know them all. We’re not putting them on our calendar. But one of them that we definitely should put on our calendar is National Sangria Day.  Because after all, who doesn’t love a nice tall pitcher of sangria? It’s one of those fresh drinks of the alcoholic type, that makes you forget you’re drinking alcohol at all.  So today, we’re going to tell you why you should be grabbing a sangria on the Bay shore for National sangria day. Because across the Nation every year, on December 20th, National Sangria Day gets exciting.

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What is sangria?

If for whatever reason you are uninitiated with Sangria, we’ll fill you in. Sangria happens to be a beverage that’s made with wine and fresh fruit. But not just any fresh fruit or juice, it’s sweetened. This gives it that nice little kick that we’re all used to. When it comes to the ingredients, it can contain things like herbs, spices, carbonation, and of course alcohol. People usually use liquor for Sangria.  It’s become a popular drink because it’s very refreshing and not too heavy like other alcoholic beverages. But it is stronger than a spiked seltzer. People enjoy them most during the summer months, that’s why everyone enjoys it on National sangria day as well because it’s been a few months since the summer has been around.  One thing to note it’s the sangria made with white wine is called sangria Blanca.

How to Celebrate 

When it comes to National sangria day, how do you exactly go about celebrating it? Well, the best way to do that it’s to head out to Verde Kitchen & Cocktails. Of course, you don’t want to do this alone, you want to bring the people that you care about most. Bring your friends and family to have an outing that day.  it’s the perfect get-together idea for right before Christmas.  It’s also a great excuse to see the people that you might not be getting to see on Christmas or Christmas Eve. Let’s just say National sangria day today for everyone as long as you’re old enough to drink.

If you come on into Verde Kitchen & Cocktails, we serve either red or white sangria. But also, we have Happy Hour MON-FRI 3 pm-7 pm with $2 Off Sangria  So come on in today. For any questions, give us a call at (631) 665-6300 our location is 70 East Main St. Bay Shore, NY 11706.

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