How to Properly Eat Tacos

At Verde Kitchen, we pride ourselves on our authentic Mexican cuisine and decadent cocktails. The tacos we serve are crafted with care and composed of the finest ingredients. And while you would certainly be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy the occasional taco night, you might be surprised to learn that many people don’t eat their tacos the correct way. It’s true. But, not to worry. We’ve gathered some expert information on how to properly do so. This means the next time you come to Verde Kitchen; you won’t look like a fish (taco, that is) out of water. 

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How Does One Eat a Taco? 

As most people know, tacos are consumed by holding them in your hands. This is standard practice for many, as we all grew up utilizing a similar approach to eating pizza and chicken wings. While some choose to eat the innards first or treat it like a salad, we assure you this isn’t the proper way. 

How to Avoid Those Unsightly Messes 

We’ve all been there. You pick up a taco only to have the ingredients spill out all over your plate, leaving your hard or soft shell devoid of the tasty contents. The best way to avoid this calamity is to line your taco with lettuce. The lettuce acts as leafy insulation that will help keep your ingredients on the inside of your taco and not on your plate. 

Don’t Go Overboard with Fillings.

It’s a matter of science; the bigger the fiesta, the more you’ll need a siesta afterward. The trick to eating the perfect taco is to be sparing and moderate with your fillings. You’re not in a competition with anyone. Put just enough in your taco so you can enjoy the flavor and not fill up too fast. Besides, you want to make room for seconds!

Eat it from The Outside In 

Many people eat their soft tacos from end to end—this is a no-no. The proper way to consume a taco is to start at one end, move to the other end, and then devour it from the center. This means you’ll be eating your taco like a taco and not like a slice of pizza or sub sandwich. 

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails 

Now that you know how to properly eat a taco, it’s time to put those skills to the test. At Verde Kitchen, you’ll find authentic Mexican food with the perfect drinks to wash it all with. If you’re looking for a taste of Mexico but don’t have a passport, come see us sometime. We’d love to have you. Visit for more info.

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