Mezcal 101

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails loves to serve the most authentic food and drinks, particularly when it comes to awesome margaritas and traditional Mexican food. Today, we draw your attention to the classic, ever-popular Mezcal. We want to help you identify real Mezcal, and show you why you should come to try some with us soon.

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Mezcal 101

Mezcal, a liquor produced from agave plants, is a lot more than just tequila with an agave worm. As a matter of fact, Mezcal is a category of its own, which includes (but isn’t limited to) certain types of tequila. It should have a smoky flavor, owing to the influence of both agave and pinas.

Unlike tequila, which comes from blue agave, you cook Mezcal, crush it, mix it with water, and let it ferment.

Markers of Authentic Mezcal

Be on the lookout for these authenticity markers whenever purchasing Mezcal:

  • The label should show the base plant for the Mezcal. The best agave varieties come from plants like Maguey, Espadin, Wild Tobala, Tripon, Verde, Madrecuixe, Tobaziche, and Barril.
  • The Mexican region of Oaxaca is the top producer of Mezcal, but seven other states make it as well.
  • It’s pretty strong liquor. According to Mexican law, the alcohol content must be within 40-55% alcohol.
  • You should see something indicating it was made in a clay pot (not copper). Remember, Mezcal is smoky and rugged, and clay contributes to its earthy/rustic taste.

Mezcal at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails has almost 40 different Mezcal cocktail options. Let’s highlight a few of them.

  • Wahaka Made Cuishe – this rare variety is made from wild agave from low-lying volcanic terrain.
  • Mezcal Vago Elote – illustrating the versatility and variety of Mezcal, this one comes with a refreshing mint taste combined with sweet toasted corn.
  • Del Maguey Arroqueno – this Mezcal contains several diverse fruits (fig, melon, and cantaloupe) along with pea tendrils.
  • Fidencio Sin Humo (Without Smoke) – if you want a gentler, more subdued Mezcal, this is a great starting place for beginners. It’s also our most competitively priced option (only $7).

Some of these might sound rather exotic, but that’s the good part. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to get a taste of authentic, smoky, earthy Mexican liquor, we’re waiting to share some Mezcal with you.
Verde Kitchen & Cocktails is Bay Shore’s best place to stop for savory Mexican cuisine, Mezcal, and other cocktails. Come visit us if you want to get the real deal. You’ll have a great time if you swing by for Taco Tuesday, Sunday Brunch, or any of our other special event days. Call us any time to schedule a reservation or ask questions by dialing 631-665-6300.

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