Oaxacan Style Carne Asada

Verde Kitchen is excited to tell you about one of our signature dishes, Oaxacan Style Carne Asada. It perfectly blends traditional Mexican and a few new twists to treat your taste buds to a whole new experience.

Fire Island Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Our Carne Asada is a combination of marinated skirt steak, charred onions and chiles, fried plantains, avocado relish, toasted garlic rice, and warm tortillas to wrap around all this goodness. Here’s how we do it:

-First we make a chili paste rub for the steak. We rehydrate dry chilis then blend them with some of the water from the hydrating step until it forms a smooth paste consistency.

-We use a 10-ounce grass-fed steak, add some of the chili paste and rub it in well for flavor and a nice char. Season liberally with kosher salt and black pepper. It then goes on the flattop grille modeled after the cast iron grills used in Mexico. Cook on high heat for 2-3 minutes per side, then set it aside and let it rest.

-Put some poblano peppers and scallions on the grille and give them time for the peppers to darken and char. Remove from the grille and take out the seeds and skins.

-Cut plantains into one-inch sections and drop them into the deep fryer. They are fried until golden brown and topped with a little fresh squeezed lime juice.

-Take half an avocado in spoon-sized portions, a little extra virgin olive oil, some lime juice, and a dash of red salsa. Give it a toss and that’s the avocado relish.

-Now that the steak has rested, slice it against the grain.

-Put the charred poblanos and scallions on a plate. Add the fried plantains, then the sliced steak, and finish with the avocado relish.

-Serve with toasted garlic rice and warm tortillas. Delicioso

Our Carne Asada recipe was featured on Verizon Fios Restaurant Hunter and was later awarded Best Dish on Long Island. You can certainly buy all this stuff and make it yourself, but we would be happier if you would come to Verde Kitchen and Cocktails and let us prepare it for you. Enjoy a world-class cocktail, some appetizers, and the award-winning Carne Asada we are featuring this month. We look forward to serving you at Verde Kitchen and Cocktails!

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