Reservation Etiquette at Restaurants

Now more than ever, it is important to follow etiquette and procedures for seating at your favorite restaurant during the pandemic. If you aren’t sure how to make reservations properly during the pandemic era, we have some suggestions to put your best foot forward.

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How to Do Reservations Properly

First, if you need to make a reservation for a special day, such as your birthday, your partner’s anniversary, or your parents coming down, plan ahead. Call your favorite restaurant early, so that the restaurant is prepared for you and your party. If you would like to be seated at a special table, let the restaurant know as well.

Second, be aware that popular restaurants fill up early. You will need to call at least a week ahead for a standard reservation. Understand that some establishments will fill up weeks in advance. Once you have your reservation, be sure and call the day before to double-check on your reservation, and reiterate any special requests you’ve asked for.

If you have made a reservation, especially if you have made a special request, do not be late. In fact, it is customary to show up at least 5 minutes before your reservation. If the restaurant allows tipping, be sure, and tip the host or maître d’. If you need to cancel your reservation at any time, do it as quickly and promptly as possible. Don’t make it a habit to cancel your reservations at restaurants, because you may find yourself quickly running out of places to eat.

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