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Celebrations are always enjoyable and a great way to ring in a special event with the closest people in your life. However, celebrations usually involve a significant amount of planning and preparation to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time. And let’s be realistic; such tasks can present themselves as a challenge. Fear not, the catering services at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails can turn any celebration into a five-star event. 

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Experience that Pays Off 

No matter what type of event you’re celebrating, an expert hand and the necessary skill can really bring it up a notch in terms of quality and presentation. The food at Verde Kitchen is of the highest caliber, and instead of booking a large room, we’ll bring our finely crafted offerings right to you. 

Save Time 

Depending on how long your guest list is and how diverse the tastes of your inner circle are, there’s probably going to be a need for a large amount of food at your event. Preparing these dishes takes a considerable amount of time to get just right, and that’s not to say the amount of skill that it takes to ensure that everything is just perfect. By hiring catering services from Verde Kitchen, you can have the very best prepared and spend your time enjoying yourself instead of being overworked. 

Save Money 

While you might assume that hiring a catering company is more costly than doing it yourself, you’d be surprised how much you save by going this route. A catering company has the capacity to source its ingredients from several suppliers and has the time and space to prepare them in a timely manner. Besides, all of the efforts that it takes to make the dishes for such an event increases costs all around. With a catering company, you’re paying a flat rate and getting the food prepared, cooked, and served by a team who possesses all of the necessary experience to make your special event one that your guests will always remember. 


Taste in food, much like the arts, is very subjective. A catering company can supply you with multiple choices that can satisfy any appetite. You’ll be the most popular party giver by giving your guests the opportunity to build their own plate just the way they want it. 

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails

Whether it’s our catering service, our authentic Mexican cuisine, or our finely-crafted cocktails, Verde Kitchen is the establishment in Long Island that more people flock to for all of these. For more information about us, RSVP today at Reservations.

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