Spend National Tequila Day with Verde Kitchen

If you love tequila, get ready for National Tequila Day. Spend July 24 with Verde Kitchen.

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Tequila has a long history, but before there was tequila there was pulque. Pulque was also made with agave, but this beverage was milky and frothy in texture and consistency. Indigenous Mexican tribes would harvest and ferment agave to make pulque all the way back in the Mesoamerican times in 1000 B.C.

Tequila as we know it was created in the 16th Century A.D. and the first tequila factory was established in 1600. By 1795, Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo opened up the first Vino Mezcal de Tequila de Jose Cuervo in Jalisco, Mexico, which is now known as Tequila, Mexico. This factory created what is now the world’s most successful tequila brand.

To get your tequila fix this National Tequila Day, visit Verde Kitchen & Cocktails. We have an entire menu dedicated to tequila. We offer blanco tequilas, reposado tequilas, and anejo and extra anejo tequilas. Our blanco tequilas are made from 100 percent blue agave that is unaged or rested less than two months. We have artenom, baron, blue nectar, and more. Our reposado tequilas are rested anywhere from two months to 364 days and are full-bodied, excellent for sipping or mixing. Try our casa noble, partida, or milagro. Finally, anejo and extra anejo tequilas are aged and matured anywhere from one to more than three years and feature complex, intricate flavor profiles. Order up a kah anejo, calle 23 anejo, or suerte anejo.

This July 24, there’s no better place to visit than Verde Kitchen & Cocktails. Find us at 70 East Main St. in Bay Shore, New York.

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