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It’s very easy to get stuck in routines and the same often holds true when going out with friends.  Why not do things differently and see how it goes. After all, variety is said to be the spice of life and we couldn’t agree more. Verde Kitchen & Cocktails is thrilled to provide you below with terrific suggestions to spice up girls’ night.

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Shaking things up by trying something new and unfamiliar gets you out of your comfort zone and allows you to expand your horizons. The same holds true with food and spirits. A great idea is to order dishes off the menu that you haven’t sampled before. You just might discover that your favorite meal is a brand-new one to you. The same holds true in terms of drinks. You don’t have to consume alcohol excessively when looking to have an entertaining night out on the town; daring to order one or two cocktails that you’ve never tried in the past can be a quite enjoyable experience during social engagements. 

When glancing over the drink menu don’t let any of the names fool you. Many alcoholic beverages, along with their virgin forms, have titles that may sound strange. For example, a Moscow Mule may not seem to be the most desirable choice, but this drink is actually quite appealing in taste. Composed of ginger beer along with a garnish of lime and served in a copper mug, a Moscow Mule provides a flavorful, invigorating cocktail with just the right touch of zest. Plus, this drink makes a wonderful compliment to cuisine. 

Remember to keep in mind that an awesome girls’ night out does not have to revolve around alcohol. The most important part of an evening out with friends or coworkers should be about getting together, enjoying each other’s company, and engaging in conversation. Of course, bonding over a delicious meal and cocktails adds a wonderful dimension to the entire occasion. Take in the atmosphere, let your hair down, and most of all, unwind and have fun. 

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails is the perfect place to spend your next girls’ night out. We have an impressive selection of tasty Mexican cuisine and cocktails for you and your party to choose from and our tequila bar is second to none. We are conveniently located at 70 East Main Street in Bay Shore, NY and our phone number is (631) 665-6300. It is our pleasure to serve you and top-notch customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Thank you for taking an interest in Verde Kitchen & Cocktails.

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