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long island tequila happy hour cocktails
long island cocktails tequila happy hour
long island tequila happy hour cocktails
happy hour long island cocktails tequila

Pricing = 1 oz Pour

  • Blanco Tequilas

    100% Blue Agave, unaged or rested less than 2 months.
    Excellent & flavorful tequilas in their raw form, nade for sipping, shooting or mixing.

  • Reposado Tequilas

    'Rested' 2 months - 364 days
    Full bodied tequilas, excellent for sipping or mixing

  • Añejo & Extra Añejo Tequilas

    Añejo tequilas are aged and matured 1-3 years, complex and intricate flavor profiles. Extra Añejo tequilas are aged more than 3 years. Meant for sipping.


    A distilled spirit made from the Dasylirion Wheeleri 'Desert Spoon' plant. Similar to an agave spirit but with an earthier flavor.


    'Mexican Moonshine'. A distilled agave spirit originated in Jalisco, Mexico.

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