The Best Foods for Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

At Verde Kitchen, we take immense pride in our traditional and authentic Mexican cuisine. As we approach the holiday season, one very important holiday is approaching, Dia De Los Muertos, better known as the Day of the Dead. This is a very important celebration in Mexico where the dearly departed are remembered and celebrated. Like many holidays that take place in Latin America, the food that’s prepared and served on this day is an integral part of the celebration. Today, we look at foods that are served to honor the dead. 

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Pan de Muertos (Bread of the Dead) 

If there’s a food that serves as the cornerstone for the entire celebration, it would be Pan de Muertos. This bread can be found in bakeries all across Mexico and is sweetened and sprinkled with shell decorations. 

Calaveras de Azucar (Sugar Skulls) 

Despite these skulls being made entirely out of sugar, they’re not intended for human consumption. These are utilized as Ofrenda’s (offering) for the dearly departed. They come in a variety of sizes, with the smaller ones being used to commemorate the souls of children who have passed on. Unlike some of the skulls that are used in European art and theatre, these are not meant to be morbid or macabre but life-affirming, as many of them are adorned with smiles. 

Mole Negro 

A dish that comes from the Oaxaca region, Mole Negro is a sauce made of peppers and chocolate and is poured over food. This sauce is made exclusively for the Day of the Dead, and recipes are usually family-based. 

Sopa Azteca (Tortilla Soup) 

Another staple that’s very popular during the Day of the Dead, this spicy soup is considered by many to be comfort food and is enjoyed during the weeks leading up to the holiday itself. 


While tamales are served all year round in Mexico and the United States, they’re a very important part of the celebration of the Day of the Dead; they’re typically made from cornmeal and stuffed into banana leaves with various types of meat and vegetables.

Red Pozole 

Made of corn, meat, and other ingredients, this stew is served in many varieties and can be found around the time of the Day of the Dead, served with chiles for a spicy kick to reign in the festivities.  

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