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Welcome to Verde Kitchen & Cocktails, the best Mexican restaurant and home of the largest Tequila & Mezcal menu in Long Island. We traveled up and down Mexico, from the western shores of the Pacific to the southern hills of the Sierra Madre in Oaxaca. On our journey, we encountered the best people and the most magnificent ingredients Mexico has to offer. Our experiences inspired us to bring that magic back home, to Long Island.

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails

We weren’t satisfied making simple copies of the foods that we encountered on our travels, anything less than totally fresh and authentic wouldn’t do the cuisine justice. For that reason, we constructed a live greenhouse on our 3,000 square foot venue to grow over 50 varieties of the herbs, peppers, and garnishes that make our food come alive.

Street tacos from Mexico City make a great start to a meal or as a snack and are made with a wide assortment of authentic ingredients like Pescado, Barbacoa and Camarones. Fresh quesadillas with authentic white Oaxacan cheese or spicy chicken flauta’s make a great accompaniment to any meal.

Looking for something more substantial? Try an authentic Mexican Torta for lunch, with a side of crispy house-made chicharrones and mouth-watering frijoles negros. Top it off with a can of Mexican Coke or Jarritos jugo for a complete Mexican lunch experience!

If you happen to visit us towards the end of your weekday, bring along your amigos and take advantage of our Happy Hour prices (3PM-7PM). $5 Margaritas & Mixed Drinks and 1/2 price tacos & quesadillas make for a buen tiempo!

For a quieter and more sophisticated experience, come by for dinner. Whether it’s Enchiladas de Carne with braised oxtail or Oaxacan Style Carne Asada and a side of arroz con frijoles, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine surrounded by our urban/rustic decor and live greenhouse. After dinner, do yourself a favor and order some postres like churros or tres leches cake and end your day on a sweet note. We’re confident you’ll leave with a smile and a desire to say: ¡Al rato regreso otra vez! (I’ll be back again)

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Verde Kitchen
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