What is a Tequila Flight?

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails is a popular destination for our customers who like to sample our tequila and mezcal flights. What is a tequila flight?

A “tequila flight” is a term used to describe a sampling of different tequilas or mezcals at one time. Customers like them to refresh their memory of their favorite tastes. It is also a great way to introduce someone to tequila so they can determine which brands or types they prefer. There are a number of different tequila flights:

Tequila Flight at Verde Kitchen

  • Vertical flights allow the customer to choose three or perhaps four products from the same brand. Verde Kitchen & Cocktails does this with our:
    • El Maestro flight of Maestro Dobel Silver, Dobel Reposado, Dobel Anejo, and Dobel Diamante
    • Patron flight with Roca Blanco, Roca Reposado, and Roca Anejo all using hand-selected premium agave from Mexico
    • Oaxacan flight with Wahaka Espadin, Madre-Cuishi, and Tobala
    • Ilegal flight with Joven, Reposado, and Anejo mezcals
    • Del Maguey Single Village flight using Vida, Chichicapa, and Santo Domingo small batch artisanal mezcals
    • Clase Azul flight using Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo fine handcrafted and artisanal sipping tequilas
  • Horizontal flights allow tastings of different brands of the same type. Verde Kitchen & Cocktails has a selection of horizontal flights;
    • Blanco flight using any three Blanco tequilas except Patron Roca or Clase Azul
    • Reposado flight with any three Reposado tequilas except Patron Roca or Clase Azul
    • Anejo flight with any three Anejo tequilas except Patron Roca or Clase Azul
    • Extra Anejo flight using three of our best tequilas with Ocho Extra Anejo, Dulce Vida Extra Anejo, and Espolon Extra Anejo
  • Spirits of Mexico flights allow the customer to explore Mexican spirits which were produced from different plants. Verde Kitchen & Cocktails offers:
    • Four of Mexico’s finest using Partida Blanco tequila, Ilegal Reposado mezcal, La Venenosa Raicilla, and Hacienda do Chihuahua Anejo Sotol

All of the Verde Kitchen & Cocktails flights use 3/4 oz servings and are offered with a cucumber slice with fresh lemon juice and cayenne pepper, and an orange wedge with cinnamon, and a lime wedge with salt.

Come explore our tequila and mezcal flights at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails located at 70 E Main Street in Bay Shore. If you have questions about our menu or services please call us at 631-665-6300.

Tequila Flights at Verde Kitchen & Cocktails in Bay Shore

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