What Tequila is Best for You?

One of the biggest and most popular exports to come to us by way of Mexico is tequila. Made from agave and having over 300 unique characteristics associated with it, tequila comes in a variety of different forms and flavors that are unique and appeal to a variety of tastes. If you’re unsure of where to begin or which type might appeal to you. This handy quick guide is an excellent resource. 

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Tequila Blanco 

Tequila Blanco (characterized by three classes, silvers, Plata, & white) is usually bottled immediately after being distilled. The style is a favorite among many because of the natural flavors that stand out. Like all tequilas, Blanco is made from blue agave and has a prominent taste that’s similar to black pepper and citrus. Tequila Blanco is best used in cocktails such as margaritas. Some enjoy the drink on the rocks as well. 

Tequila Joven 

Sometimes called gold or oro, Joven tequila begins as Blanco and is then mixed with various flavorings such as sugar and other variations of aged tequilas to give it its golden appearance. One of the most popular versions of Joven is Jose Cuervo Gold, and while it’s great in cocktails, many enjoy drinking it starlight in the form of a shot. 

Tequila Resposado 

Tequila Resposado goes through a process of being distilled and then aged in oak barrels for a period of two months to a full year. The process of making a proper reposado is a very delicate one. While still maintaining the consistency of Blanco, it spends just enough time in a barrel to bring out the color from being aged. Resposado is great for strong mixed drinks or drunk straight without chasers, lime, or salt. 


Tequila Anejo sometimes referred to as “aged” or “vintage,” tends to be on the more expensive side. There are very strict guidelines for the aging process of Anjou, which lasts anywhere from one to three years and must be in a barrel no larger than 600 liters. This drink is best for sipping and is recommended for drinkers who enjoy bourbon or whiskey. Some drinkers even prefer Anejo in their manhattans as opposed to makers mark or other whiskeys. 

Verde Kitchen & Cocktails 

If you’ve ever been to Verde Kitchen, then you probably noticed the wide array of tequilas we have stocked behind our bar. Now that you have an idea about the different types, why not come on in and sample a few? For a menu and more, visit us at verdekitchen.com.

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